Regionalmarketing Mecklenburg-Schwerin e.V

The economic region in the heart of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Our economic region includes the counties Ludwigslust, Parchim, North West Mecklenburg and Schwerin and Wismar. It can already see many benefits, such as proximity to international airports and seaports, the alignment of the highway network in East-West and North-South direction. But the embedding of the metropolitan regions of Hamburg and Berlin, thanks to the good content, both by car or easily accessible by train are also.

All of this together and it listed only some of the benefits is to invest it is a region with many facets to work and live.

Where are we going?

The individual members of communities and economic developers to network with each other thus synergies in the region and country produce.

  • intra-regional cooperation between counties, cities
  • cross-industry networking
  • develop the region's competitiveness further
  • use of available capacity and skills of its members and other actors in the region
  • Initiate projects and activities
  • seek cooperation
  • The association sees itself as a driver, coordinator, catalyst and clip.


  • Trade Fair - Hannover Messe, Real Estate North
  • Events - Commuters Action, Business Meeting
  • Internal - 14-day Newsletter / Business Newsletter every 3 months
  • Work Group - Regional Marketing Contact
  • Management - Support service
  • Press - to extend the public relations / cooperation with the regional business development / follow-up reports of events and fairs


Regionalmarketing Mecklenburg-Schwerin e.V

Puschkinstraße 44 (Altes Rathaus)
19055 Schwerin

Phone: 0385 – 77 88 720
Fax: 0385 - 77 88 723
E-Mail: info(at)

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