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We offer solutions in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Automation Technology, Sheet Metal Fabrication and Switchgear Construction
Since our beginning in 1995, the AMAS group of companies has been active in the fields of mechanical engineering, automation, sheet metal fabrication, switchgear construction and support services. Our highly motivated team, made up of engineers, technicians, and qualified workers can look back on years of accumulated know-how and the ability to live up to the high quality expectations of our customers. Our workforce has meanwhile grown to 120 employees at our head offices and plants in Neu Kaliß, southeast of Hamburg in Northern Germany.
The AMAS group of companies is made up of two independent business units, working in close cooperation from the head office facility built in 1995:
AMAS-Engineering GmbH --> the engineering unit
AMAS-Anlagenbau GmbH --> the manufacturing unit
Based on this corporate structure, we are able to react with a high degree of flexibility to our customer's demands. Thus, we can undertake pure manufacturing and construction work, but we can also deliver the entire capability range from the initial design concept development, to construction and manufacturing and all the way to final assembly and installation at customer sites. All this and the complete customer service and support spectrum are available through us as a single source.

The Engineering unit
Qualified engineers, technicians and technical draftsmen in the areas of mechanical engineering and electrical technology are the showcase personnel of AMAS-Engineering GmbH. They work with high-performance CAD systems in diverse software environment in 2D-, 3D-, electrical- and office applications, dealing with planning, project management, manufacturing as well as documentation of specialty machinery, automation installations and assembly systems. Customer advisory and consulting support also forms part of the complete service we are offering. A high degree of quality orientation and responsible order processing with on-time commitment makes AMAS-Engineering GmbH a dependable partner for our customers.
The following development software products are among our available tools:
- Catia V5
- Cadra
- Autocad
- ePlan V5.7 / P8
- Siemens Step 5/7
- WinCCflexible
- Programing of frequency converters

The Manufacturing unit
The AMAS-Anlagenbau manufacturing and assembly facilities cover a floor area of more than 4,000m². Modern CNC-milling and drilling machines, a plasma- and laser cutting unit, two paint shops, several welding work stations and a diverse range of sheet metal preparation machines, among others, are accommodated here. But the core capital of AMAS Anlagenbau is represented by the team of experienced and qualified specialists in the areas of mechanical engineering, milling and drilling technologies, cutting procedures, welding- and electrical technology. Through a meticulous application of precision and know-how, they have always delivered to the high quality and scheduling demands of our customer, resulting in their full satisfaction.
The following manufacturing technologies are available:
Welding technology / milling and drilling technologies / sheet metal preparation technology
- MIG-MAG-WIG-E with comprehensive qualification certificate DIN18800-7
- Railway application testing DIN 6700-2
- CNC Bed Type Milling Machine Lagun GMB 62E
- CNC machining centre, DMU 50
- CNC lathe Monforts RNC 500
- CNC Table & portable milling machine, Micromill HBM 4
- CNC laser cutting system Bystronic Bystar 3015
- CNC press brake Atlantik ATS 500

Thanks to the established cooperation with a proven group of sub-contractors in our plants proximity, we are able to expand the above manufacturing capabilities significantly at short notice.

We have been able to continuously expand our product range since our establishment in 1995 and ascertain ourselves as a specialist in the design and construction of machines and custom machinery as well as gain a enviable reputation in the field of automation technology. We have accomplished this through our specialist know-how and our experience, but also through our uncompromising flexibility and adherence to delivery schedule dependability.
Today, our customer-oriented turnkey solutions as well as our unique custom-built products are being utilized by domestic and international clients in the aviation, military, automobile and rail vehicle industries.
- Planing and Consulting
- Projekt planning and construction
- Documentationen
- Jigs and Tools
- Assembly Stations
- Maintenance Tools
- Experiment- and Test equipment
- Simulators
- Welding devices
- procuction automation of automotive assemblies
- Transport and sortation technology in the field of automotive
- Production of sereial parts
- Logistic concepts
- Assembly devices


AMAS Technology GmbH

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