AERO Coating

The Aero-Coating GmbH is a professional job coating company providing special metallic and organic coatings for corrosion resistance of different substrate materials. Main technologies are:

- IVD-Aluminium coating
- Vacuum Cadmium coating
- Spray coating with aluminiumpigmented materials
- Dry film lubricants
- Primering and Top coating with organic materials.

We are working in accordance with different specifications of aircraft industries and we are approved by Airbus and Boeing.

Certificates and permits

EADS/Airbus according to specification

- 80-T-35-4200
- 80-T-35-5002

BOEING according to specification

- MIL-DTL-83488D
- P.S. 13143

Various authorized firms such as:

- Alcoa Fastening Systems
- A.H.G. Rivets
- Lufthansa Technik AG
- Nammo Raufoss

Certification according to DIN EN 9100:2003


AERO Coating

Gewerbegebiet Redentin Lukaswiese
23970 Wismar

Phone: 03841 / 26 96 - 0
Fax: 03841 / 26 96 66

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